Monday, March 10, 2014

Add .gif Favicon to you Blogspot Blog

Out There many blogs explain as "how to" about favicon. Then why am i writing this again, good question keep reading and you will know.

What is Favicon?
Favicon is Favourite Icon which is present along side the address bar, near url.

Why to add Favicon?
Don't you want to brand you blog/website, if yes, then favicon is the best thing to brand your blog.

Which is the Best Image type to add as Favicon?
.ico is best image type to add as favicon and if you have a website you should go for .ico image type only as all browsers support it.

why .gif for blog?
When you add .ico image type as favicon won't work with blogspot the favicon is replaced by the blogger's favicon. This will work in firefox only , Google chrome again replaces it with blogger B favicon.

How to add Favicon to your blog?
Go to your blog, Click Layout go to Edit Html, using ctrl+F find %lt;head> just below it add the following code.

<link href="you link to .gif" rel="shortcut icon">
<link href="you link to .gif" rel="gif">

Check for more
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Comment on how you decided your favicons and what type you use for your blog or website.

Now That you have read, Next is What?
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Rahul Jadhav said...

Hey buddy please check this tutorial by me. I use .ico images for favicons and they work properly on Chrome and Opera

Adding Favicon To Blogger Blog

Fusion said...

Hi rahul,
Yes, .ico is best for favicon and all browsers support it. When you have website you should definitely go for .ico but, for blogger its better to go for .gif if u use .ico it will be replaced by the default favicon.

Jessica said...

I did this myself both .ico & .gif..have to say both didn't really work. Checked it on mozilla too. I'm sad, maybe i missed something :-(

No2L said...

I have an .gif file that I converted to a .ico file ~ using i_veiw32 ~ but my problem is that I don't know how to upload it to my Blogger Blog. I have created website before and I know I have to upload it to a server ~ so how do I do that for Blogger? Thanks, Ann

Fusion said...

You can upload the .gif/.ico image to picasa and give that link.